Keratin is the main protein component of fingernails and hair and the outer layer of your skin. It is also present in the structure of your mouth muscles . It does not cause your allergic reaction. It’s probably Filaggrin, which is supposed to bond to the Keratin in your skin, that may cause your reaction. » 4/23/15 11:41pm Thursday 11:41pm

FYI. When you comment on posts you deem racist or sexist you have a tendency to exacerbate and escalate a situation beyond where it would have originally been. Based on your comment history of recent it appears as if you are seeking out posts and labeling them as offensive to cause issues. I wanted to remind you that… » 4/23/15 1:01pm Thursday 1:01pm

As a 1099 employee you’re expected to pay for all of your benefits yourself (health insurance, vacation, vision, dental, disability, social security, medicare, life insurance, etc.), so your rate should be higher to compensate for this. At the same time, you don’t want to take a cut in pay. » 4/21/15 5:12pm Tuesday 5:12pm

If you go to work for a Ford-type company, expect to wear polos and khakis to work and to get there at 8am and leave at 5pm to battle with traffic. Also, if you have a 50 mile commute I’m thinking you’re going to spend 1.5hr on the road and not 55 minutes. Is it worth an extra $200 a week to drive the extra miles and… » 4/21/15 9:17am Tuesday 9:17am